About Us

The foundation of Uttar Pradeshiya Mahila Manch was laid in June, 1984, by a handful of enterprising women, who believed and were committed to help and bring in a radical change in the condition of women in general, to generate the feelings of interdependence in each other with an increasing chain reaction. It is expected that its high time women realise that atrocity of any sort on one is a brutality on feminism as a whole. To protest, fight and total eradication of the same education, self reliance and inner strength are the most important factors, to bring in the best in each women. The sapling that was then planted keeping in the same in mind, by a few positive thinking women, has now grown into a ‘Banayan tree’. Although the foundation of Uttar Pradeshiya Mahila Manch was laid in 1984 but it could only be officially registered in June 1999 as it had to face many untoward forces. It is a Non Government Organisation with no insights towards political or materialistic gains and is registered in accordance to the Indian registration act 1860 section 21 with its registration number 349-2009. The ‘Manch’ is registered under the income tax policy 1961, in section 12-A. ‘Manch’ has the benefit of having a certificate under act 80-G of IncomeTax law, that has validated the exemption on Income Tax, under the law of 1961 act 80-G, on liability of any sort till 31 march 2011.

Although the registration was done, fifteen years after the inception of the ‘Manch’ but it could not restrict the pace of all the women with a positive thinking and enterprising awareness that has shaped into a CARVAN of women power of today with zealous ability, hard core reality, and never ending stability.


Dr. Archana Jain :  Doctor by profession and a social worker at heart, Dr. Archana Jain has been constantly working for the uplifment of the women who have been wrong than tortured, her love for nature and music coupled with the medical knowledge has helped her to bring in awareness in the women with no insight in the worldly affairs. Dr. Archana Jain has been the pioneer in bringing in awareness regarding H.I.V and S.T.D in women, in particular.

General Secretory

Richa Joshi: A women activist “with a never say die attitude” and a strong belief in motivating women to come out of their shells and face the world with dignity and confidence, is Ms. Richa Joshi’s forte. She has been actively associated with the press and is constantly working for the uplifting of under privileged women to bring in a never ending consciousness of self-realisation in them. She has  brought in women from different fields to give us the shape of the ‘Manch’ of today.