Uttar Paradeshiya Mahila Manch has been engaged in working for a quarter of a century now, for underprivileged women by educating and teaching them to be self-reliant. The “forum” is committed towards the abolition of the status discrimination towards the half of the population of the country. It dreams of awakening the self-consciousness in all women and operates on the firm belief that every woman can be a spark for igniting the self-consciousness of her sisters who are victims of mental and physical abuse. Unity of consciousness of women is such that all women can derive strength from it and look into and solve problems, if any.

Uttar Paradeshiya Mahila Manch is working diligently towards women empowerment. In order to achieve this, the forum is sincerely exploring all possible options. It is engaged in establishing special platform for women; for helping the helpless, for abolition of abhorrent and unjust customs of the society, for taking necessary measures towards socio-cultural development of women together with unveiling their hidden talents.

The forum has started several programmes for elimination of gender-discrimination. The foremost of these consists of honouring mothers who have given birth to a female child. This helps in awakening consciousness against foeticide. Every year the forum also awards and recognises women who are struggling in adverse conditions and have achieved a distinction or a break-through in their chosen field of activity. The forum provides facilities for people who are living below the comfort line, conducts periodic health camps and offers informal education and training camps. Various socio-cultural programmes of Uttar Paradeshiya Mahila Manch not only generate self-confidence but also are an important step towards its aim for an over-all upliftment of women.